Machine Frames

Machine frames & structures made out of Aluminium Profiles, significantly reduces the fabrication time while maintaining high structural strength, aesthetics and flexibility.

  • Description

Machine frames and structures are conventionally made out of steel tubes or plates welded together.  Such structures require fabricators with skilled workers such as welders and fitters. Quality of such frames and structures is highly dependent on the abilities of the workers.  The end product needs to be painted with high quality finish, giving away the ability to do any rework or modification on the structures.

The wide range of Alstrut aluminium profile system allows a machine builder to select from the range of profiles,giving flexibility to select the optimum profile cross section (and load carrying capability) for the specific application. Joining these profiles using the standard range of accessories enables the machine builder to assemble the structure in a fraction of the time compared to conventional welded structures, eliminating dependency on skilled work force.  

The uniqueness of the profile system standard groove allows the machine builder to add additional components to the structure, hence enabling flexibility.

The high quality anodized aluminium profile  eliminates the need for painting or finishing the final structure, as well as reduces the need for maintenance.

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