Gecko Gripper

The nature inspired OnRobot gecko technology makes it possible to attach and  lift any kind of flat and smooth surfaces. Fast and easy gripping technology for Pick & Place application.

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Gecko gripper is enhanced with gecko-inspired adhesive which will hep the robot to pick flat/porous products easily without  vacuum system. Moreover it is integrated with load sensor to grasp the product precisely and range sensor to detect the product before picking and while handling it throughout the operation. 

  • Grips with gecko-inspired adhesive
  • Picks up flat objects without air systems
  • Can lift solid or porous objects
  • Instantaneous gripping
  • Integrated load sensor for precise gripping
  • Range sensor – part presence
  • 3 ways to clean: autonomous, robotically and manually


Work piece material  Polished Steel  Acrylic   Glass Sheet Metal
Maximum payload (x2 safety factor)  4.1 kg   4.1 kg  3.3 kg 3.1 kg
Maximum payload with Cleaning System 1.6 kg 1.3 kg
Pre-load required for max adhesion  125 N
Detachment time  500 ms
Holds part on power loss?  Yes


Change-out interval  50,000 to 100,000 cycles
Autonomous cleaning system  Piezoelectric
Minimum run-time for cleaning  1 second
Autonomous cleaning interval and % recovery 15 sec: 3% / 2 min: 5%/ 15 min: 15% (max)
Robotic cleaning system  Silicone roller
Robotic cleaning interval and % recovery Variable / 100%


Sensors  Pre-load sensor  Ultrasonic Range sensor    
Range   0-400 N 0 – 260 mm    
Sensitivity   1 N 300 KHz    

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