HEX-E/ HEX-H Force Torque Sensor

OnRobot 6-axis force torque sensors provide 6 degrees of freedom force and torque measurement. Sensors are designed to fit most of the currently used industrial robot arms. Integration with various available interfaces is simple. Common applications are force control devices, teach-in activities and crash detection, but the sensors can be used next to end-effectors in case of grinding, polishing or deburring tools.

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The sensor is designed for measuring forces and torques, installed on the end effector of a robot. The sensor can be used within the specified measurement range. The sensor consists of a sensor body, an adapter, and a overload plug. 


The F/T Path command can be used together with the F/T Move or F/T Search command, to record and replay a Path of a robot.


The F/T Stack command contains Stack and Destack functionality which helps the robot to do stacking/destacking in minutes.


The F/T Control command is to provide easy-to-use functions to application programmers, who want to develop force-controlled applications such as polishing, sanding or grinding.


The F/T Insert Part tries to push the pin with the predefined force limit and adjusts the orientation if necessary. It stops when the defined insertion depth is reached.

  • No Programming skills are needed
  • Functions like center pointing, insertion, and guiding or path recording
  • Precise presence detection
  • Keep constant force while moving
  • Adds the sense of touch to your robot
  • Dust and water resistant (IP54)

  Fxy Fz Txy Tz Fxy Fz Txy Tz
Nominal Capacity 200 N 200 N 10 Nm 6.5 Nm 200 N 200 N 20 Nm 13 Nm
Single Axis Overload 500% 500% 500% 500% 500% 500% 300% 300%
Signal Noise 0.035 N 0.15 N 0.002 Nm 0.001 Nm 0.1 N 0.2 N 0.006 Nm 0.002 Nm
Noise Free Resolution 0.2 N 0.8 N 0.010 Nm 0.002 Nm 0.5 N 1.0 N 0.035 Nm 0.008 Nm
Power Requirement 7-24 V; 0.8 W 7-24 V; 0.8 W
Interface USB / CAN / Ethernet / EtherCAT USB / CAN / Ethernet / EtherCAT
UR Caps Plug In Plug & Play Plug & Play
Robot Compatibility UR / ABB / KUKA

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