Wrist Camera

The Robotiq Wrist Camera is made for performing industrial applications with Universal Robots. It can be used to teach new parts quickly, detect parts and features automatically, and pick parts consistently—and get to production faster.

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Wrist camera provide consistent part detection with ease teach. Multiple products can be located simultaneously. Easy to attach and operate 

  • Locate parts automatically without jigs or fixtures
  • Teach, edit, and run directly on the teach pendant
  • Operate with ease, no matter your skill level
  • Locate many parts in one snapshot
  • Ensure consistent part detection
  • Plug + Play on all Universal Robots
Sensor CMOS with Liquid Lens
Integrated Lighting 6 LED Diffuse White Light
Min Field of View (cm) 10x7.5
Max Field of View (cm) 36 x 27 | 64 x 48 | 100 x 75
Supply Voltage 4.5 - 28V DC
Resolution 0.3 to 5 M pixels
Frame Rate 2 to 30 fps
Focus 70 mm to infinity
Supply Voltage 24V DC
Interface RS-485 / USB
Mounting Direct on UR
UR Caps Plug In Plug & Play
Interface RS-485 / USB

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